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Lindsey (South African) is a artist based in Ōtepoti, Aotearoa. 

She initially gained interest in photography 10 years ago, and pursued portraiture photography; however drastically changing during her tertiary  experience. To which she is now exploring and pushing traditional photographic methods under a decolonial "lens".


She is constantly expanding and merging, different material and conceptual based methods within her practice. 

For any queries regarding her work or services please contact her here or via email at

Don't forget piglet - white sand 2019


2019, Visual Arts Graduating exhibition, 40 St Paul Street for the AD19 show, Auckland 


2019, Where I Once Stood, St Pauls Street Gallery Three, for the Pilot series, Auckland


2019, Eden Arts School Show Awards, Webbs Auction House, curated by Simon Ninow, Auckland 


2019, Hopetuan alpha art show, at Hopetuan Alpha, Curated with the Potluck collective, Auckland


2019, Potluck the show, The old folks association, Curated with the Potluck collective, Auckland


2018, End of year bachelor of visual arts show, 40 St Paul Street, Auckland



2019, Sorry For The Late Reply, St Pauls Street Gallery Three, Hyperwerks photography students in collaboration with AUT visual arts photography students, Auckland

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