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  • Lindsey de Roos

Case Study - The trend of the "The Warm Home"

Home Before the Harvest, 2019, Roman Sporato

Well i'm looking into photographic styles and which of those styles I use without thinking. And what is currently in the fashion is depicting relationships to home and to suburbia, and it's all been take during the Golden hour. So everything has a very yellow and orange and warm Hue with some type of superficial attempt to depict warmth that exists in that place. Which is all good and well, but that is something I have to be careful about when Im photographing. Recognising that there's a politics surrounding that and how is that politic going to affect the reading of my work.

I think I think about the types of people that are doing this style and I don't know them so I cannot make any judgment about their art, but it’s still a trend and there are dangers to reinforcing a trend that seeks to present sincerity and home. What does it mean for me to be reinforcing that style when I'm discussing ideas of equity and a diasporic experiences? if I am just reinforcing the current depiction of warmth within a community of photographers that are interested in a very different way of utilising the camera, am I not jus make the same work?

you can tell by so many aspects of what they photograph that their reality or truth to the world and the camera comes from aestheticising and romanticising home. Which is where representation becomes an entry point to the discussion how a particular groups of people depict their life. what tools are they utilising to do so, and are they trying to activate some type of discussion and what is that discussion? Does that discussion translate in any way to diasporic experiences? And is it relevant does it exist in those experiences.

This practice is undoubtedly commodified for creative design. I don’t need to see another stock standard model that was manufactured in a factory to represent a sense of fashion with in the context “home”.

This is important for me to recognise, when photographing spaces, especially those that hold meaning to me. I need to ask myself if I'm just perpetuating a commodified representation of home, and what does that do for the spaces that I choose to present.

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