• Lindsey de Roos

clays now sitting in the passenger seat

I have been thinking about the components of my practice. And I know that I am a very "idea" driven. I first think of the idea and become inspired, and then the ways in which they manifest that idea through materials. I know my brain is wired and it thinks through photographic process too, because I have such a big history with photography and the ideas surrounding representation. Those are nonnegotiable aspects to the way I think about ideas and practice.

But my relationship with land began as a way of me writing back to land, writing back to memories that are being forgotten, like that was of my ancestors. And then it was furthermore developed as a way of me reclaiming histories that have been removed or have been systemically forgotten. That all has to do with my own history and my relationship with land and my indigeneity to that land. But now my project is shifted I have decided to step away from indigenous discourses because I cannot navigate my indigenous in a space that cannot facilitate that journey.

For me to explore my indigeneity, I need to be able to trust and have a trusting relationship with someone I can guide me through that and that is something that cannot be done in New Zealand. I need to go back to South Africa and do that. I need to be going to African history is lectures or having a relationship with those who advocate to connect with first nation heritage. That type of facilitation doesn’t exist here, and I’m okay with that.

But that means that the clay And it’s a role within my project can go longer exist like a did and I cannot hold onto that when I am continuing with practice. So in light of what I’m doing now, maybe it needs to take a sidestep because I cannot be remaking the work I made last year, that works done and those ideas have brought me closure. So is the clay relevance any more. However I think the mindset of clay making; of the hands touch and that relationship to land that exist there, cannot be removed from my thinking. So in fact clay will probably shift from a method to my methodology or way of thinking through my project.

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