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DIY scanner #3

With this scanner I went back to my DSLR and speed-light to scan the negatives. this time I made a white out box and used the speed-light diffuser to evenly light up the box and illuminate the film without any background disturbance that was present in the other two films. This fortunately seemed to two the best. the only thing that I need too work through at the moment is figure out how to trigger the speed-light without using my in camera flash. As my in camera flash is causing a glare on the film scans

this is how the scans turned out, and the glare is present in the top section of the scan. This can be solved with a little more research on how to get my camera to wirelessly connect to my flash with using the in camera flash. some cameras have and do not have that capability, so it will just be a matter fo figuring out how to do so.

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