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  • Lindsey de Roos

DIY tricolour experiments

I very important component to the tricolour process is have seperate RGB filters. its the only way to let individual light channels. Now, i unfortunately do not have that so this called for another DIY experiment. I went to the warehouse and bought three frames and plastic gel organising sleeves. placed each sleeve in the frame, and held the frame in front of the camera.

what I did not account for what the fact that I would be placing the frame directly on the camera at a very low shutter-speed which would cause blurring and that the sleeves are filled with scratches. So that did not work. so i tried placing cellophane strips inside one frame to see if that would work and still not luck. the main issue is that i cannot be touching the camera in any way.

So I digged deep and bought the filters, which in hindsight is a great investment. And this got rid of all the preexisting problems.

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