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experimenting with surfaces

I've been thinking through the thinness of my pieces and how necessary they are to the work. so I've experimented this different method of "rolling them out"

First with a rolling pin, another with a pinch pot method and the other on the wheel.

As the years progressed the significance of the surface or just clay itself and it qualities has taken more and more space in my thinking in and around my project. so with these smaller scale experiments i wanted to see exactly what the textural qualities speak to.

Over the next few week I'll be creating larger scale version of these and drape them over older work and objects that hold personal value to me. i think that this will be a mechanism for a lot more projects to come.

the first one was rolled out on the cloth, the second had a uneven surface underneath the cloth and the last was pinched open. i found the middle the most interesting as it seemed to have a photographic quality to it.

Here I draped these pieces over the work from last year, thinking through it visually and conceptually,

this is the disk thrown on the wheel.


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