• Lindsey de Roos

experiments with glaze

So the test pieces a made created some tiny holes in the work, but otherwise the tea didn't effect it much. I sort of saw the holes as freckles or little lakes. I then tried to experiment with glazing and incorporating the tea into the glaze.

interestingly this did have an effect. when I put a ridiculous about of glaze and tea on the pieces i was left with glass ash of the tea.

these are the bisque fired pieces

this is the tea-glaze mixture and the pieces pre-glaze firing. it was interesting to watch the glaze darken over time.

This is the pieces after firing

overall the tea didn't effect the clay or the glaze in terms of colour of thickness, but it did leave interesting residue. and for for thats a success. Because it means that the tea did in some way fuse with the clay throughout the process and whether seen or not the memory is there.


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