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  • Lindsey de Roos

mixing chemistry!

so I purchased Kodak d-76 developer, Ifotec lc29 developer, Ilford rapid fixer and Kodak photo-flo wetting agent. today i tested my mathematical capabilities probably since high school and it went well (I'm very relieved). This was the process to mixing the chemistry for black and white at home film developing.

initially I was very nervous about mixing different brands bur after spending way too much time on photography forums i was able to get for familiar with the chemistry behind mixing and other photographers experiences.

I double check with all technical data sheets for the best process and saftey requirements

with Ilfotec lc29 i mix the liquid immediately before developing film.

This is all the chemistry!

Kodak d76 developer

For this process I had 415 grams of powder that is to be mixed in 3.8 litres of water at 50-55 degrees centigrade. I had 1 litre bottles so I used 108g of powder concentrate to 900ml of water. This also works well because it means that unmixed chemistry wont be standing and expire quickly.

Ilford rapid fixer

this mixing solution is 1+4 to make 5 litres. so i mixed 200ml of concentrate with 800ml of water.

Photo-flo 200 wetting agent

This was my first time using this product. there were a lot of mixed reviews and ways to use it, i just checked the technical data sheet from Kodak Alaris to decide on the mixture.

I settled with 1+200 to water. so i used 5 ml of photo-flo with 995ml of distilled water.

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