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  • Lindsey de Roos

my anchors aka my manifestos

last year I wrote a set of anchors to keep me anchored. I also called it my art manifesto, because to some extend it is that, and manifesto also sounds boujee. However, I'm realising how the idea of a manifesto works against epistemological decolonisation, as I'm not interested in proclaiming my ideas or offer some type of enlightenment. The reason I write my anchors is so that I don't get distracted, and when I get lost I have a way of getting back to my roots.

This was my anchors last year, to ensure that I was undertaking a process of healing through making.

Restaging as a process of reclaiming.

Reclaiming as a process of healing.

An awareness and consciousness of what it means to represent.

Accepting that bicultural circumstance is one of privilege, and so forth creates a unique way of intersectionality.

The role of creating historical moments within the process of making.

A regard for the role of ethics, and how/what community does it serve.

The role Neologism and the abstraction of language; of its coloniality

Memorialising native history.

A rejection of exotification.

How propaganda can be used to reclaim certain spaces and narratives that have been taken away.

Most importantly, Is there cultural healing through this process.

Now, I want to (as much as I can) engage in epistemological decolonisation, and thats huge. So I definitely need anchors. And my anchors are going to grow and shrink in size, and more will come and some will leave. but this is it right now.

- At the core, continue to create spaces (physical and otherwise) in which imagination for self and others can happen. We need to be Imaginaries of systemic change!

- Liberation literacies by Jamila Lyiscott - is a paradigm shift not only in language but in thinking. keep to the core concepts honey and don’t loose focus.

critical Awareness - who am I? as a student, educator. Who you are and what does you linguistic repertoire consists of?

Agency and access - understand who you are. The privileges. Spaces that can have access to because you can speak in different ways

Actualise - creating opportunities to actualise this agency. The power of voice is disruptive and powerful.

Achievement - it takes a lot more work to create self determined scripture than to adopt to a structure that is being imposed on you. Yes the whole point of the structure is that it does the work. But now imagine having to create not only a new one but a better one.

Challenging standards that our institution hold value to.

Alteration - we are invested in understanding - our institutions must be accommodable, but also be inclusive and adoptive and invest in diverse ways of knowing.

Which calls for us to reimagine what institutional space can do. pedagogical approaches cannot stay the same so the institutions needs to re-evaluate itself.

Challenge the idea of what teaching and learning looks like.

- Critic, white critical thought- not only in subjectivity to black experiences, but in order to understand how white critical thought has destabilised our thinking.

- Embrace collectivism as a way of navigating through life. collectivism not only means with people, but with nature and spirit. it means to follow our intuition. Just like how hand remembers how to hold a pencil, Our body recalls and remembers emotion, environments, and our ancestors. we are constantly in response to the world around us, so lets rather work with it and not against it.

- Furthermore embrace tightly the idea of humaning. we are in the process of becoming human and the only way that can be done is resting and bouncing from shoulder to shoulder, of our brothers and sisters.

- Activity Undo technologies of race that work for racist capitalist agenda.

- Adopt intersectional feminism as a framework to not only decentralise “white women” ideologies, but more so, to identify and work through the literal intersections of race and art.

- Its not enough to be non–racist but to be anti-racist, so we need to keep talking about it. Are bipoc students prioritised when creating lecture content, if not why. we talk about feminism, capitalism, why not actively talk about race.

- Lets be experimental geographers (ruth Wilson Gilmore). We are geographers, navigating spaces but also creating them. What type of geographer will we be? How are we contributing to the production of space.

- Don’t get distracted and don’t leave distractions, whiteness loves distractions. Don’t hand them the bait, cause they’ll snatch and run.

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