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reflection after the boobs

My initial thoughts arm after the critique

I found myself having to over explain the work and having to justify it in its position are. I’m not too sure where that stems from my insecurity of the project the fact that it’s not refined and I have not slept with the ideas for long enough arm or if it is a natural and instinct of me having to justify myself amongst to be frank ignorance. I mean the idea is not new that as it as a tactic when you are faced with a position where you are being accused of something or you are uncomfortable with the discussion the blame or responsibility is shifted onto the person who is initiating that discussion. I found myself having to justify someone’s ignorance. The comment I got today was a to be honest I don’t understand the relationship between the two images which I did in that moment explain and I’ve now sat with it and I’ve now resulted to this you could put in your two images they switch other and they will be a dialogue that’s happening between the two whether someone understands it not is it my role to make them understand it because then again it is shifting the blame on to the person initiated the discussion so that’s not the audiences responsibility but I think in terms of our that is the one thing that is of responsibility to the audience is to make that understanding and that and itself is a problem that I’m going to have to face with my work which is the audience in defence will shift the lack of understanding back onto me as if it’s my job I’m not and I need to remember that I am not there to educate them I am there to make art I am there to find a culture healing to my making that is why I’m making my work not in order to make someone understand not in order to make and some form of educated explanation because that’s a legit is for someone to understand the rules of racism in society is literature for that which will do a much better job at will do in my personal position if they wanted to feel things if someone is wanting to feel and except the feeling of shame of uncomfortability in it or even acknowledge the own denial the own company over Spons to being in that uncomfortable space that is for them and that is what the world can do and I need to remember that. Also I need to work on my response to criticism that stems from that lack of understanding I do not need to justify myself I’ve got a comment back today saying that it self is racist and then I over explained again when I knew the answer I knew where that came from and I had something perfectly back we can always push back and say “racism goes both ways and it does if we really gonna tackle why it does it does the black community because are distressed from the white community which is valid if that people don’t want to talk to my people that racism is because I’ve never listened so why would they now.

The death of my identity almost proceeded the birth of my identity

Which means to be human on the opposite side of power


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