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The end is the beginning - Can we talk with sincerity?

Within the past year I embarked on an inquiry; as to how intimacy (in all its forms) manifests in this digital age, as ideas Surrounding communication and connection have completely changed (within the past 20 years). In response to this questioning I started where I believe to be the beginning, which was “space and thinking”. Whenever I noticed a change within myself or surpassed a threshold in my thinking. I documented the moment, by photographing what caused this change and I wrote back to it in the form of a post card. by the end of last year I had accumulated over 100 postcards, and I saw the cards itself as a manifesto of gratitude and exchange. The cards became its own organisms to which I released back into the world through a large scale installation. Those who entered the space was welcome to take home a card that created a new experience for the reader.

During this process I undertook a journey of decolonising my thinking within space, physicalising memory, and unpacking my bodily responses to the senses around me. I wanted to deconstruct how I have come to understand intimacy, and understand an egalitarian way of interacting with the world.

In the future would like to do a second release of the cards in response to a new location, which will vary in scale and form. I would like to also introduce analog photography into the work and explore how decolonised thinking and making can work with traditional photography.


However, in order to expand and see where these themes and ideas go, I would start were the last installation ended. I see my next point of research surrounds the ideas of "sincerity and agenda", and the relationship between the two

The Persian carpet; is where the postcard initially left the standard white wall and took sculptural form on the carpet. I will continue to use the carpet for my next artistic project.

Over the 3 month break (from December to February) I Still very much carried the ideas with me, and through thinking, research and conversation i began to refine what ideas within intimacy truely resonated with me at that very moment. And i came to the pseudo-conclusion of the ideas surrounding sincerity and agenda, how the relationship between the two.

so in combination with the carpet, I tasked to set up spaces where strangers were welcome to sit down, chat over some snacks with the proposition can we talk with sincerity?

However, during this process I did not document photographically, as I did not want to impose an alternative agenda onto the guests to the carpet.


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