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the film of shame

So My first attempt at loading the the changing bag did not go too well. Turn out a caused a tear in the film so it would have never loaded onto the film reel. i spent a total of three house trying to load it and got my poor family involved. but that tear could have happened in the first five minutes and there would have been no way of knowing. also something to think about is that the bad get hot really quickly which makes the film even more fragile. ill have to take breaks to air out the bag in the future, because the film can get wet and stick to itself like it did in the pics below. But despite ruining the film its s a good lesson and to be fair it was my first attempt in the bag.

So for next time I learnt to stick a cardboard business card in the 120 reel slots and the guide the film trough like that. I found that out from this video. And hopefully this stop any dents or rips in the film.

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