• Lindsey de Roos

The printing process

we had done two attempts at the printing process. the first print got jammed, but we figured out a method of preserving the edges without the roller damaging it. we used the larger printer, where the flow of paper is in a downward motion. So the paper wont be forced against gravity in anyway. however these printers have a lot of sensors to indicate in the regular paper is not flowing through correctly. so we had to double sided tape down a pieces of the regular paper that would flow through, but without ripping the paper. the solution to that just happen to be me rubbing my jumper along the tape and then sticking it down to the recycled paper. This ended up being a way for us to trick the printer into thinking that nothing was wrong, which nothing was, it's just the ruffled edges would have not allowed the printer to grant permission.

we also sized the images so that the actually inkjet would stay in the perimeter of the paper so that no tearing would happen.

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