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The useless handbook #2


Not only Have I been thinking of writing as a material or practice, but also the material object of a book. It's important for me to think of it as a whole, that each component is there and connects us as makers and as readers.

A few days ago my mother asked me to help her find a document in our old filing boxes and i came across a box filled with payslips and bank receipts that hadn't been touched since it was put in. they go back as old as 2001, but amongst refiling those receipts I found a lot of empty envelopes. that as a material and holding historical weight i thought about how interesting it would be for ephemera to relieve in another form. At the time I wasn't really thinking about the handbook at all, but i did follow my gut and keep and receipts. I think paper wise for the book it's something to think about.

I could possibly shred and make my own paper with the envelopes. Like I said and with all my projects there has to be the makers hand or a tactile presence of the maker. I think of it a lot like the feeling of touching in any form. Like a handshake, holding a glass, a kiss, its the feeling of being in contact with something. for the book or my art i like to know that all of my work is memory or time hold still until another person and also touch/ held where my hands have been. yes it is a bit overly romantic, but i think being able to touch history and not in the classical sense can transfer a lot of energy and spirit between people.

heres the video i learning off, the maker uses some very interesting items to make recycled paper.


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