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The useless handbook project #1

The beginning.

after a lot of researching and listening to people stories, I honestly was very upset. But in that moment i realised that i hadn't done that process for myself. expressing the turbulent times at uni, was something I liked to do at home, because I am in a very fortunate position.

Somehow the idea of the handbook came through. It useless because I don't have any answers to solve the questions. but so Far I've noticed that there are different comfort foods attached to different experiences, and that worth something.

below are my initial notes and feelings of what could be included and what are the ideas for the book that naturally came to mind.

I think what make have brought this on is my grandmothers cook book. its not her own recipes but i recently learned she was a book binder. And the two cookbooks that she made was of a very common "coloured" household book during her time.


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