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  • Lindsey de Roos

unanswered questions

This post is focused on the "bigger" question that im thinking about through out my practice. Some get answered and some just stay questions .

The effects of being born into a movement.

What does diasporic photography look like.

How does my research on south Africa translate in an Aotearoa context?

How will I enact cultural safety?

How will I create a self-determined representation of my experiences ?

Is it ok to be navigating cultural without guidance?

Is political mobilisation centred on social issues, or is it centred on imagined primordial affiliations?

Should my histories be intertwined for my fight for equal space. When will my removed and forgotten histories have to stop fighting

update 6/5/2020

were did my personality go? did it have to compete then loose to my focus for the project?

am I still assimilating and can I stop?

what does it mean to make work that is interested in provoking a discussion, and what if it doesn't do that? does it fail, or does the silence speak louder than what words ever could?

should it have to provoke anything?

am I colonising my own experiences by "researching" it.

why is action and narrative based art, seen as less valid. what are our understandings of conceptual art and does that as a structure end up denying diasporic experiences?

What is the differences between therapeutic art and art that is made for healing?

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