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to you



The Manifestation of Intimacy in the Digital Age; Space



In this very moment our lives collide, you and I have stood in the very spot and read this same thing. However, this space registers very differently between us. We enrich this space with new experiences of history, culture and gratitude. Adding layers to those who stood here before.



To You, Is an abstract photographic installation that delves into a multilayered exploration of intimacy in spaces. Each postcard reflects on the intimate encounter between myself and the space, as I give back to the experience that has been received. The work indulges into the philosophy of giving and taking within spaces, concerning memory, history and intent. The work is a total retrospection into the forgotten histories of spaces, and the validity of the encounters that we experience in the everyday.


To You, started as a researching of those spaces; coming from a very personal investigation. However, the work has become its own manifesto, physicalising memory and ‘the encounter’. The postcards act as an organism revealing the past, the present, and the future.


Those who step into this space accept the notion of rejecting the social constructs of intimacy, and are prepared to explore a new definition and understanding of it. You are met with an oriental rug laid down the centre of two calico, cushioned platforms. This is where you respectfully meet the postcards and welcome them into its physical form. As they leave, the memory of their creation is revealed with chipped red, peaking through the wall.

My practice aims to deconstruct embedded western normative of intimacy, memory, space and time. In order to create a neutral, egalitarian space that provides different cultural backgrounds with the validity and importance of their beliefs and perceptions.

post card 1.jpg
postcards alternative install
install post car 3.jpg
post card intall_edited.jpg
post card install 1.jpg

Those who entered the space were welcomed to take a postcard that created a new experience within themselves, or caused them to cross a new threshold in their thinking.

Since the first release of the postcards (first edition), they now are individual re-released into an online space. Exploring and repurposing  instagram as platform for a digital encounter as a-pose to gaining commercial benefit.

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