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Letters to you

July to September 2019

Letters to you is an ongoing practice in which I write to memories of South Africa in clay. These memories have not been

documented in any form. So this act of letter writing is a method in which I physicalise those experiences and stories. With the

means to affirm my coloured experiences and the sacrifices of my ancestors. Coloured bodies, minds and lifetimes are denied as real according to the South African government, only a name of categorising race. So my aim for these letters is to establish a trans-generational pathway of continuing and celebrating this history.

letters to you - white sand
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white sand cermic letter .jpg

Brick Paving project, letters to you

title: White Sand

August 2019

Terra cotta engraving

500 x 500 x 3 mm


St Pauls Street Gallery Three


August 2019

Terra cotta engraving

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